Briefing of President|院長ご挨拶

院長Doctor | Tomohiro Anzai    M. D. ,Ph. D.

I studied it to be able to examine any kind of patient after becoming a doctor.
We study to be able to be provided for emergency medicine and cardiovascular surgery, disaster medicine or traumatotherapy.
And I learned cultures while belonging to MSF and AMDA, Japan heart, the NGO such as JICA and offered medical care.
Therefore we treated the patient concertedly. It was the best pleasure that the patient was improved.
When I worked at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, a daughter caught cold.
The condition of the daughter became poor, and Home doctor called out to us who worried about a daughter kindly.
And the doctor told the address to us and said that we had a medical check-up anytime.
We remember that we felt relieved very much.
We always worried about where the foreigner had a medical check-up when they got sick since we went back to Japan.
This time, in such thought, we established the clinic which the foreigner could examine.
We settle in this area and want to support the foreigner. 
At first any kind of symptom is fine.
Please consult me willingly without suffering alone.
We think that we can help you as your home doctor.


そして、私は、MSFやAMDA, Japan heart、JICAのようなNGOに属しながら、異文化を学び、医療を提供してきました。
私が、アメリカ、オハイオ州Cleveland Clinicへ留学して数日のことです。 娘が、風邪をこじらせ、具合悪くなった時、National doctorは、日本から来たばかりの私たちに、優しい声をかけてくれました。そして、個人用の連絡先を教えてくださったり、いつでもこちらへ受診しなさいと、案内してくれました。
皆様のHome doctorとして、お力になれればと思います。


We create a warmer clinic trusted and loved by the citizens.

Basic Policies

  1. We respect Patient’s will and provide safe and reliable medical care.
  2. We contribute to the local community through the medical service and advanced and specialized medical service.
  3. We develop quality medical professionals as a private Clinic.
  4. 4.We pursue comfortable medical environment and sound management.

Patients’ Rights

  1. 1.Everyone can fairly receive high quality health care.
    → This is without discrimination based on social standing, type of illness, religion, or nationality.
  2. 2.Your personal information and privacy will be protected.
    → Personal information regarding medical treatment and patients’ privacy is strictly kept private.
  3. 3.Patients may receive an explanation of examination results and future health prospects from their doctor. They may also seek a second opinion.
    → If the patient doesn’t understand something, he or she may ask a question and receive a clear explanation. The patient may also seek the opinion of a doctor at another medical institution (a second opinion).
  4. 4.Patients take part in treatment they receive and can choose a type of treatment by their own will.
    → A treatment plan will be established based on patients’ willingness to participate. The patient’s volition is deeply respected in determining the method of treatment.

Expectations for Patients

1.Provide the hospital with detailed information regarding your health.

2.Examine the details of your course of treatment.

3.Be considerate towards others and refrain from behavior that disturbs them.

4.On the premises of the hospital, the following are prohibited:

  • Speaking loudly or in a harmful way towards others, violence, sit-ins and sexual harassment.
  • Selling goods, distributing brochures or other materials, advertising, taking photos, asking for information or donations, and solicitation without permission.
  • Carrying dangerous items such as guns, knives, explosives or volatile substances.
  • Bringing animals (with the exception of guide dogs).
  • Alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Anything else that disturbs order in the hospital.

5.As a Regional Medical Support Hospital, we work closely with regional medical facilities and proactively transfer patients among different doctors depending on the state of their illness. We ask for your understanding and consent in this regard. Furthermore, in case of transfers, please make use of private emergency transportation services as we do not use ambulances.

6.Understand that as a University Hospital, we also help educate tomorrow’s medical practitioners, and perform research to further develop medicine.

7.Understand that we respond as necessary when there are referrals from public institutions in times of natural disaster or accidents.

Details and Consent for Care

On the occasion of medical treatment or examination, the doctor will explain the patient’s condition as well as the necessity, effectiveness, and potential dangers of inspection and treatment. After making sure that the patient understands them, we ask him or her to fill in the necessary documents (plan, statement of consent, etc.). If there are any questions, please ask the medical doctor or nurse.

Operating Days and hours for medical|診療時間

We take appointments to minimize waiting times.
Use our online appointment servicee, or call us at 0466-41-2810 to make your appointment.

Monday through Saturday without Thursday
9:00-19:00 (Lunch break 12:30-14:00)
Closed: Thursday, Sunday, National Holiday
月曜日?水曜日 AM 9:00-12:30, PM 14:00-18:00
金曜日?土曜日 AM 9:00-12:30, PM 14:00-18:00
休診日;木曜日, 日曜日, 祝日

Medical Examination Items|診療内容

General medicine, Emergency medicine
Cardio vascular medicine: Varicorse vein, (LASER treatment)
Atherosclerotic disease
Arrhythmia, Heart failure etc…
Cosmetic medicine, anti-aging therapy: Laser hair removal
Piercing(earlobe, cartilage, navel)
Vitamin drip, Placenta therapy
Q-switched YAG laser,

  • 総合内科
  • 救急科
  • 心臓血管外科
  • 美容皮膚科
  • アンチエイジング: 予防接種、糖尿病、かぜ、高血圧、高コレステロール血症、外傷など
    医療レーザー脱毛、シミ/黒子除去、点滴療法、プラセンタ療法、 レーザートーニング、ピアッシングなど


Dr. Tomohiro Anzai
Date of Birth: February 21st, 1974
Nationality: JAPAN
Gender: Male
Standard of English: Moderate good, Almost daily communication in English with my English teacher
Standard of French: Bad

Primary Qualification: Medical Doctor, Ph.D. ,

Specialist Qualification: General Surgeon, Emergency Medicine
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Anti-aging physician, cosmetic surgeon 

Employment history summary|経歴

May 1998- May 2000 (Keiyu Hospital, Kanagawa, Japan)
Resident in General Surgery
Provide care to surgical patients in surgical ward.
Train surgery as a resident

April 2000- April 2004 (Keio University, Tokyo, Japan)
Resident in Cardiovascular Surgery
Provide care to surgical patients in surgical ward.
Perform surgery of cardiovascular disease in adulthood.
Perform surgery of Congenital Cardiovascular disease in childhood

April 2004- April 2006 (Keio University, Tokyo, Japan)
Staff Surgeon
Provide care to surgical patients in surgical ward.
Perform surgery of Cardiovascular Train staff on surgical techniques.
Lecture for medical student

May 2006- May 2007
(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery)(Ashikaga Red-cross Hospital, Tochigi, Japan )
Staff Surgeon
Provide care to surgical patients in surgical ward.
Perform surgery of cardiovascular disease.
Train staff on surgical techniques

May 2007- July 2008 (Department of Biomedical Engineering Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA)
Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Perform the experiment for the artificial heart and new device using animal.

July 2008- Sep 2008 (Keio University, Tokyo, Japan)
Staff Surgeon, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery

Sep 2008 – April 2010 (Totsuka Kyoritsu Dai-1 Hospital, Kanagawa, Japan)
Totsuka Kyoritsu Dai-1 Hospital, Kanagawa, Japan

April 2010- Aug 2015 (Totsuka Kyoritsu Dai-2Hospital, Kanagawa, Japan)
Staff Surgeon and Physician,
Division of Emergency Medicine
Staff Surgeon of Cardiovascular Surgery

Transportation Methods|当院へのアクセス

By Train

  • 3min. walk from Shonandai Station on the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line
  • 6min. walk from Shonandai Station on the Sotetsu Line
  • 4min. walk from Shonandai Station on the Odakyu Line

By Bus, get off at the Shonandai higashiguchi Stop

  • Kanagawa chuo kotsu syo27
  • Kanagawa chuo kotsu Fuji51

By Car

  • Provide the parking ticket.
  • There are toll parking lot near.
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